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Thundersurge Mach II

Imperial Standard Dictionary Vol. 64 T-U

Thundersurge [thuhn-der-surj] - noun

5. Type of low altitude scouting craft. The Thundersurge Mach II is a scouting craft used by some PDF forces in the Imperium. Responding to the call of various governor’s the [redacted] cooperation developed the Thundersurge. The design requirements were a light and fast vehicle for one or two passengers that could do quick reconnaissance runs over vast stretches of empty land or water. After a few prototypes the resulting design opted for twin promethium thrusters. This gives the craft the necessary speed while also providing a backup in case one of the engines fails in no-man’s land. The craft comes in two variants: with armament or additional storage. One of the pilot’s seats was often replaced with a robot assistant. While its primary function was to help with navigation and maintenance, the robot also keeps the craft on course in case the pilot passes out during take-off. The Thundersurge was discontinued due to maintenance issues. However, it is often found in Underhives and backwater regions where outlaws and scavengers used it for illegal races, raiding parties, and transport.

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