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The Jam Jar Part 3: Production


We started production by modelling all the items needed in film. Then for each shot we make a blender file with a rough environment and character layout. Once our environment is fully modelled we can just link it in and all changes done to the original files will be automatically updated. My responsibility are cabinets, sink unit, dynamite set, curtains and welding gear and I think they turned out pretty good.

I thought it would be a fun idea to organize a little competition around the main prop, the jam jar. Everyone modelled it and we voted for the best one. It turned out to be mine.

My groupmates also found two free to use character models that look perfect and are such an improvement on the previous Martian-looking stock character. Especially the model for the dad character matches pleasantly what we envisioned.

Vincent by Hjälti Hjälmarsson

Cori the Dreamer by @PollCreations


Before starting with animation, we were able to film ourselves for reference, because the university was open again after COVID-19 lockdown. The actual animation process is then trying to match the movements and timing as good as possible by posing the puppet and setting the right keyframes in Blender. We made a list of who animates which shot. I’m doing the ones where the dad opens the cabinet and struggles with the jar and the one with the dynamite. I’m trying to animate as long as a continuous movement as possible to avoid cutting in post-production too much. This is our first rough cut.

I think for the shot with the dynamite he looks too calm and animated it with a more unhinged expression.

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