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Project Ear Part 4: Sculpting

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

After drawing ears for what feels like an eternity, I was really looking forward to sculpting. While I enjoy drawing, it is for me always a sort of planning, which can sometimes be tedious. Making is where the fun begins. It also meant I could bring out my fancy sculpting tools in my self-made holder. (Later earning me the nickname “Mr. Dentist”)

However, the better the planning, the more time can be saved down the line. So, as everyone started sculpting their ear using their drawings as reference, I went to the copier and made 2 copies of my drawings. There is no way I am getting my precious drawings near clay and possibly soil them. One copy I use for reference and the second one I cut into a template. This is a little trick I discovered when I had to sculpt for my previous study program. It allows me to just trace the template on the block of clay and start sculpting out the shape of the ear very precisely from the start. I also instantly overcome the fear of a blank canvas. Afterwards, repeating cycles follow of scraping away, comparing with the drawing and wax ear and adjusting. I work through these with each side of the ear and rotate further once I’m happy with the (intermediate) result. Two things help me to stay focused. First, I take breaks every hour to reset the brain from getting to narrowed down on details. Afterwards, I see clearer where adjustments are needed. Second, regularly taking pictures somehow reveals details I would otherwise miss.

After the first cycles of sculpting the ear was taking shape, but in the words of my teacher “it’s just too fat”.

So, I started scraping down and smoothing out. The final ear was well received with only one minor adjustment needed.

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