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Project Ear Part 3: All the drawings

I have not updated this blog in a while simply because I was busy and forgot. On the other hand, that means there is a lot to show.

I finished all my drawings of the ear. That includes the additional views of the right ear (top, bottom, front, back) and all the 5 views of the left ear. The latter is drawn by eye without the help of callipers. I found that drawing a mirror image was much quicker than the original, because I was familiar with the volumes that make up my ear and ears in general. Nevertheless, it takes a lot of concentration to force my brain to draw in the other direction and I I slipped up here and there.

Afterwards I went on to draw the ear 3 times larger. I used an A3 piece of paper just to have both ears on the same page. I’m frustrated that my 1:1 ears are spread across three pieces of paper, but I also had to warm up by drawing three versions in the beginning, which took a whole page for one view.

The 3x ear were a lot of fun to draw. There is just so much more space to fill in details and blend the shadows. At this point I was also more confident with my shading, trying to please the teachers with much darker shadows and more nuances building up to the highlights. I'm not super satisfied with some of the shading on the second ear and its earlobe, but it for now it has to do.

I also couldn't help but to goof around a little bit.

The next post will be about how I use these drawings to sculpt two ears magnified 3 times.

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