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Eyeball Soup Part 3: 3D-Design in Blender

Parallel to working on the concept art, I also attended lessons designing in Blender. We started on creating some eyes, a goblet and a ladle.

Creating these round objects usually followed the same steps each time:

  1. In edit mode, create a ring or sphere with 12 squares and 12 rings.

  2. Then extrude and scale until the desired shape is created.

  3. Add a subdivision surface modifier with levels view and render set to 3.

  4. Click on object and shade smooth.

For the eye we made the cornea and iris as separate objects to be able to colour them more easily. For the shading we were supply some custom images that fit perfectly to make a fresh-looking eye.

Too fresh for my taste, because eyes that get cooked to a soup probably don’t look like that. Most blood turns grey-brown once exposed to heat. So, I put the image file into photoshop, adjusted the hue and put back in the shading tab in Blender.

For the iris I looked at some reference images of the diseased and seems that the iris starts to fog until the pupil disappears. I adjusted the iris in blender and photoshop accordingly and even added some more eye colours.

I also added a displacement map from a metal texture pack to give the eyball a more beaten-up surface.

This is the set-up I used for the cornea of the eyes below:

During the lessons we made a goblet and a ladle, but these don’t fit my scene for which I will be making a wooden bowl and spoon.

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