Monastery Tranquillium



Salazar B29 is a red giant surrounded by four planets. The star system was chosen by the Adeptus Arbites for the establishment of a Triplemax Imperial Correctional Facility due to its remote location. Upon arrival the Arbites discovered the Monastery of the Congregatio Metalica Tranquillus on Salazar Prime and the agri-world on Salazar Secundus. The Fabricator Abbot agreed to the establishment of the facility in exchange for a loyal Imperial Knight House to be settled on Salazar Secundus.

+Constellation and Geography+

Salazar Prime – Class: Death World, barren with extreme wet and dry seasons, acidic

Salazar Secundus – Class: Agri-World, large forested landmasses divided by oceans

Salazar Tertius – Class: Dwarf planet

Salazar Quad – Class: Dwarf planet

+People and Society+

Salazar Prime: Assumed standard Cult Mechanicus hierarchy headed by Fabricator Abbot Alserian Drakitarius. Being the only documented settlement on the planet’s surface, the monastery functions as the capital. Of note is the unusual resilience of the Skitarii forces, attributed to operating in the extreme climate far from interstellar supply lines. The prison-moon is under directorship of Lord Warden Konrad Knast. Conflicts of interest between the Lord Warden and the Abbot have been documented.

Salazar Secundus: Feudal Democracy. Full citizenry and voting rights are only awarded to nobles. When the planet was discovered it followed an abridged Imperial Belief and was so re-aligned with little resistance to the Imperial Truth. Next to a rudimentary PDF is the Imperial Knight House Stram the only military force. The house is led by the Lady Seneshal Heleanor the Vigilant. While the Knight House is subservient to the Emperors Will it has sworn loyalty to the monastery in exchange for maintaining the holy machines.


++Incident report No. 2937491++

Date: 8.260.913.M41
Location: Imperial Correctional Facility Salazar Prime I
Description: Incident log during delivery of [REDACTED] compiled by Lord Warden Conrad Knast, the Emperors overseer in charge.  
The following is a description of the events on the evening of 8.260.913.M41 compiled  from various sources such as camera footage, reports, and voxcasts.
19.11: Camera feed shows shuttle carrying [REDACTED[ landing in hangar-bay B-104. An unloading crew comprised of guards and inmates stands ready.
19.31: Under supervision the inmates start unloading the shuttle.
19.32: Camera feed shuts of due to a full power outage in cell-blocks A, B, and C. Backup power fails to come online.
19.34: Voxcasts records growing unrest among the inmates. Guards engage in disciplinary measures.
19.45: Lasgun fire reported in hangar-bay B-104.
19.48: An explosion ruptures the hangar doors. The area decompresses, automatic fail-saves engage.
19.51: Flight control detect an unauthorized ignition sequence.
19.52: The supply shuttle launches out of hangar-bay B-104. Demands to return are ignored.
19.55: Backup power comes online. Automatic Orbital Defence Systems engage the shuttle in moon orbit.
19.56: Shuttle is hit but manages to accelerate out of engagement toward Salazar Prime entering Adeptus Mechanicus territory.
Reports and body count indicated eight (8) casualties among the guards and 21 (twenty-one) among inmates. Six (6) inmates and [REDACTED] are reported missing.
The Lord Warden establishes communications to the Congregatio Metalica Secundus Fabricator Abbot. The Abbot was pleased to receive new Servitor-candidates and [REDACTED].